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Top 100 Innovator & Global Speaker

Keynote Speaker | Metaverse Consultant Strategist

Recognized by The Australian as a Top 100 Innovator, Patricia Haueiss is your gateway to transformative insights into the metaverse, AI and media industries.

With over a decade of pioneering experience, Patricia is not just a speaker; she is a well-renowned thought leader and trendsetter who has been captivating audiences worldwide.


With a talent for distilling complex topics and presenting them in an accessible manner, her speaking engagements — are tailored in both English and German — leaving audiences not just informed, but empowered and ready for action.

Whether addressing executives, tech enthusiasts, or novices, she crafts her delivery to resonate, enlighten, and inspire action.

Where I've Spoken

Keynotes, forums & conferences

Looking to elevate your next conference with an impactful keynote by Patricia? Whether you are planning an in-person or a virtual event, Patricia is your go-to speaker, illuminating audiences worldwide with her expertise and tailored insights. Engage your team with cutting-edge topics, customized to resonate and delight. Connect with Patricia to explore availability for your upcoming event at

Patricia specializes in a spectrum of future-forward topics:

  • Artificial Intelligence

  • Metaverse

  • Augmented & Virtual Reality

  • Virtual Fashion

  • Future of Marketing

  • NFTs & web3

  • Future of Business

  • Virtual Real Estate

  • Spatial Computing

  • Future of Work

  • Emerging Technology

  • and more


Where I’ve Been Featured

Jacqui Pacey.jpg

“[Patricia's] feedback from last year’s conference was outstanding, and we would be honoured to have the pleasure of hearing [her] insights once again at this year’s event.”

Jacqui Pacey



Industry Knowledge

From the metaverse and virtual fashion to spatial computing and emerging technology, Patricia navigates through a multitude of sectors with ease and expertise.


Influencer with Broad Reach

With thousands of followers on LinkedIn, Patricia shares insights and highlights from various conferences, enhancing her events with online teasers and post-event content.


Bespoke Engagements

Every talk is customized to resonate with the audience, ensuring maximal impact and value delivery for your event.



Speaker | Metaverse & Web3