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Why you should join:


It’s not always easy to get people excited about your NFT project. And there are a lot of NFT projects out there, so how can yours stand out and stay relevant and successful in a sustainable way? 


Many NFT artists and creators make the beginner mistake to launch their NFT project and just hope that people will randomly buy it. I guarantee you that - in most cases - nobody will. Therefore, it is important to market your NFT project and plan it a few weeks before the release.


If you follow my steps it will increase your chances to create awareness to potential buyers and partners and to convert more people into buying your NFT to create a valuable project.

Topics & what you will lean:

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  • NFT marketing canvas

  • Best practices

  • Learn why people buy NFTs

  • Goals, utility, roadmap

  • Website optimisation

  • Assets

  • Marketplace optimisation

  • Community growth

  • Social growth

  • Tactics & hacks (including whitelist, airdrops, calendars, giveways, competitions and many more)

  • Step by step timeline suggestion

1 hr 30 min live face-2-face in zoom

For NFT creators, entrepreneurs, artists, decision-makers, brands & marketers

USD $199

Image by christian buehner

“If you are going to launch and market your NFT, Patricia is definitely your go-to person for marketing ideas and roadmap.”

Eddie Lee

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