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A practical dive deep into the expansive world of the Metaverse with renowned expert, Patricia Haueiss. Understand its appeal, determine its business significance, and envision its transformative future. The Metaverse signifies the intricate blend of reality and virtuality, and we stand on the cusp of its evolution. It promises a hyper-realistic, immersive, and limitless interaction akin to the internet but feels profoundly real. Join us to grasp the core essence of the Metaverse and understand its profound implications for the future.

Topics & what you will lean:

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  • Metaverse Appeal: Learn what draws millions to this digital frontier.

  • Business Implications: Recognize the benefits and challenges the Metaverse poses for enterprises.

  • The Line Between Computer Games & The Metaverse: Recognize the congruities and differences, backed by real-world examples.

  • Metaverse Tech Insights: Demystify the technologies that power the Metaverse.

  • Engaging in the Metaverse: Discover ways to connect, play, and work in this expansive realm.

  • Metaverse Success Metrics: Decode what defines a successful Metaverse project.

  • Brand Engagements: Uncover how major brands from diverse industries are harnessing the Metaverse.

  • Metaverse Jobs: Envisage current and future job prospects in this expansive domain.

  • Metaverse Terminology: Understand the top 20 buzzwords associated with the Metaverse, from "3D" to "Web3."

  • Future Trajectory: A prediction of where the Metaverse is headed.

1 hr 30 min live face-2-face in zoom

For for innovative leaders, brands, marketers and corporate innovation teams

USD $199

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