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A $13 billion market in 2021 and a growth rate of 1000% qoq. NFTs gained huge popularity. I want to enable you and your business to get an understanding of the space and identify opportunities. Filled with hands-on best practices, this masterclass will help you tap into the NFT market.

Topics & what you will lean:

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  • What are NFTs?

  • Why should you care about NFTs?

  • Most exciting NFT projects in 2021, 2022 & 2023

  • How does the technology work?

  • The history of NFTs

  • How do the mechanisms around NFTs work?

  • Why do people buy NFTs?

  • How do I create an NFT collection?

  • What to look for when investing in NFTs?

  • What are the success factors for NFT projects?

  • How can I store NFTs safely?

  • Should brands and companies create NFTs?

  • Major brands and companies that have created NFTs

  • NFT stats

  • Use-cases of NFTs

  • The future of NFTs and the metaverse

1 hr 30 min live face-2-face in zoom

For brands, entrepreneurs, artists, marketers and curious people

USD $125

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