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Metaverse Masterclass

Unlock the metaverse's potential in my exclusive masterclasses for innovative leaders and brands. Learn why the metaverse and Web3 are invaluable for brands, providing fresh avenues for community engagement and innovative business models.


Explore real-world cases, and redefine your business strategies for tomorrow's digital frontier. Join us to lead in a market projected to hit $600 billion by 2030. The future is immersive — be prepared.


NFT Masterclass

A $13 billion market in 2021 and a sales volume of 5 billion in January 2022 - NFTs gained huge popularity. I want to enable you and your business to get an understanding of the space and identify opportunities. Filled with hands-on best practices, this masterclass will help you tap into the NFT market.


You can have a unique idea or be the most gifted artist in your field - this doesn't mean people will be interested in your NFT project.

Do you want to launch your NFT collection but don't know how to promote it? This course will help you increase the chance of creating a successful NFT launch.

Image by christian buehner

“If you are going to launch and market your NFT, Patricia is definitely your go-to person for marketing ideas and roadmap.”

Eddie Lee

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