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Award Winning Consultant & Keynote Speaker

"Sydney’s very own
Metaverse Go-to Queen"

- Belinda Cheng

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ABOUT Patricia

Patricia is a strategic consultant at the forefront of the metaverse, web3, and Artificial Intelligence. Recognized as one of Australia's Top 100 Innovators, she has 10+ years of experience in augmented reality (AR), spatial computing, and the broader metaverse. 

With this knowledge, Patricia guides brands to become metaverse-ready and aids businesses in navigating these emerging ecosystems. Her clientele ranges from major automotive giants to Hollywood's top studios.

A thought leader in her field, Patricia has authored comprehensive reports on topics such as "Metaverse Fashion", NFT Marketing, and the immersive worlds of AR & VR, attracting thousands of readers.

Beyond consultancy, Patricia is a sought-after speaker, with notable engagements including the Futures Conference at the ICC in Sydney, Mercedes Benz, and EY. Her contributions and insights have been highlighted in media outlets such as ABC, The Australian, and Network 10. 

Holding an MBA in Media Management, Patricia has over a decade of experience spanning marketing, strategy, and product management in both e-commerce and B2B sectors.

  • Are you looking to launch a standout project in the metaverse, web3, or AI space but unsure where to start?

  • Is your team eager to dive into the metaverse, web3, or AI industry but needs guidance navigating its complexities?

  • Are you maximizing the potential of the metaverse, web3, or AI to deliver unparalleled value to your audience?

Let Patricia guide you.

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TOP 100 innovators: Patricia Haueiss

"As one of Australia’s leading metaverse, NFT, DAO and Web3 consultants, Haueiss has nearly a decade worth of experience across the blockchain and metaverse ecosystems, making her one of the earliest adopters of the nascent technologies. NFTs were a $US40 billion market in 2021, growing 1000 per cent quarter-on-quarter, and Sydney-based Haueiss works closely with businesses to help them better understand the fast-evolving space and capitalise on the vast array of opportunities it presents."

The Australian, David Swan, editor, The List: Innovators 2022




Patricia is recognized as one of Australia's Top 100 Innovators. She's not just riding the wave, she's shaping the industry by guiding businesses to enter the metaverse, web3, and AI industries.


Patricia, a keynote speaker at prominent events, is regularly spotlighted on major TV & news outlets like ABC, Network 10 and more. Her influential voice is amplified by a thousands of LinkedIn followers, positioning her as an industry leader.


Patricia isn't just about business; she's about the future of the industry, particularly in ensuring women have a seat at the table. Her co-founding of Kalicoo showcases her commitment to uplifting women in tech.


Patricia's MBA in Media Management combined with her extensive experience in marketing, strategy, and product management ensures she can translate her deep knowledge into actionable plans for businesses of all sizes.


Metaverse, AI & web3 Consulting

Are you looking for an expert to ideate metaverse & web3 opportunities? Someone who can help you defining your value proposition?

Or do you have a metaverse or immersive tech project idea and need help to grow a community and promote your mission? 

You would like to tap into the AI space and need a strong leader to manage an end-to-end tech project? Someone who helps building a strategy and delivering the metaverse project?

Master classes

Unlock the metaverse's potential in my exclusive masterclasses for innovative leaders and brands. Learn why the metaverse and Web3 are invaluable for brands, providing fresh avenues for community engagement and innovative business models.


Explore real-world cases, and redefine your business strategies for tomorrow's digital frontier. Join us to lead in a market projected to hit $600 billion by 2030. The future is immersive — be prepared.



Years of Experience in Marketing


Years of Experience in Strategy


Years of Experience in Growth


Years of Experience in immersive AR/VR

Metaverse speaker

Patricia has spoken at conferences and events all over the world and is a well-known thought leader. 

With more than ten years of experience in the media, internet, and metaverse industries, Patricia can talk about the future of work and entertainment and enables her listeners and viewers to become better leaders, trend-setters, and thought leaders.


Enabling rapid and sustainable growth for Driven, a B2B2C mental health chatbot startup. I scaled an omnichannel marketing function from scratch to drive growth across our range of B2C and B2B products.

Hands-on approach to defining, planning and executing the growth and performance marketing strategy. Proven ability to hire, develop and retain top talent and select and manage high-performing agencies.


My marketing strategy translates into accelerated traffic and conversions and ultimately to increased brand equity and growth. I engage with our target audience and educate people to build a resilient community.

Special focus on unified brand messaging across SEO, paid, social, PR, affiliate, referral, communities and forums.


Metaverse Sydney | 2nd Meetup

Metaverse Sydney | 2nd Meetup

We are thrilled to share the vibe of our second Metaverse Meetup in Sydney with 100+ participants 🎉 It was filled with fantastic speakers and this time with 🎨 LIVE NFT DRAWING ⭐ Agenda 6.30 pm Arrival + NFT POAP 6.55 pm Intro 7.00 pm Panel + QA + NFT Live Drawing 7.45 pm Networking 🔥 Topics - What are the best metaverse experiences currently in the market? - How can people earn money in the metaverse? - What are NFT marketplaces and which one is the best? - Which opportunities do creators, entrepreneurs & brands have to get involved in the metaverse? - and more about web3, NFTs and the metaverse 💪 Speakers Josephine Dayco | Strategy & Communications at VHS & @ZEDRUN Sami Tauber | Founder, Director & Chief Metaverse Officer at @vnccii3601 MULGA | Artist, Freelance Illustrator, Poet, Mural Artist @MulgaTheArtist Christopher Childs-Maidment | Academy Manager at @TheSandboxGame Moderator: Patricia Haueiss | Metaverse, NFT and web3 Consultant 🎨 NFT LIVE DRAWING Antonny Sugianto, Motion & Graphic Designer at Cheil will create an NFT live on stage 📜 NFT POAP ♥ Supporter @Haymarkethq thanks for having us! 🙌 Sponsor The fantastic team from Tech Central is supporting this meetup. BIG Thank You @GreaterCitiesCommission And we have a new amazing sponsor on board: EFDigital who will share some exciting job opportunities All information about the Metaverse Sydney Meetup here: