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Exhibiting Augmented Reality Tape Art “Digital waves, desire and realities”

I got the opportunity to exhibit my augmented reality (AR) tape art at the beautiful Bondi Pavilion Gallery. And the feedback I got was flattering:

"Congratulations on yesterday, that was a very impressive opening." Todd Fuller, Gallery and Curatorial Assistant.

What is tape art?

As hobby artist, my artwork is a type of street art based on tape art which is created with adhesive tape. The art pieces have various shapes and colors by using thin and thick tape. My urban culture art can be as small as 40cm to up to larger full wall sizes. You can find my art on facade walls, abandoned buildings and any other public space as well as indoors.

Being born in Berlin (Germany) I can bring an international touch to the gallery to cater both tourists and locals. Since more than 4 years I live in Bondi and frequently discover amazing various artists in your exhibition space. With a contemporary touch and a new creative tape art approach I'm convinced that visitors from all ages would enjoy my art.

Augmented reality can also be used by brands in the fashion industry.

Accessible to young and old, foreign and local, experts and novices

Here is the wall text:

"Being born in the German Democratic Republic and growing up in East Berlin, Patricia formed a deep emotional connection to urbanism and its vibrancy. The flourishing Berlin street art still influences her tape art, a type of street art created with adhesive tape.

The beauty of tape art is its accessibility to young and old, foreign and local, experts and novices. Tape art can be found all over the world on various surfaces, such as stone, wood, aluminium, or glass and any public space as well as indoors. The innate perishable character of fragile strings of colourful adhesive tape that naturally gets removed easily and stainless facilitates the ever evolving art that induces emotions of blooming flowers before they disappear forever.

Inspired by nature and the new digital age, the observer can dive into a multi-coloured yet stimulating geometric art made of 2D and 3D tape pieces.

Patricia’s art ranges from abstract, non-objective art, to realistic pieces. By using thin and thick stripes of tape in different colours she creates various shapes and impressions of dimensions beyond the canvas.

While each piece is telling its own individual story, they are all interwoven by a universal theme: Real Abstract Worlds. Fantastic blades and dangerous spikes lead into warm waves and soft beams forming utopian worlds. Resonating with their digital lives, observers can see moving forms embodying the struggle between conformity and individualism.

In her urban art project, Patricia invites viewers to dive into realms of slopes and mingling systems and join a celebration of diversity. Combining geometric shape, she forms extended spheres filled with energy and passion where monotony meets the birth of objects.

"Digital waves, desire and realities" opens a window into the fusion of reality and digital elements to the spectators.

Discover the break out of uniformity and the dance of floating creature swarms and the seeking for connection."

The invite from Waverley Council

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