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Clone Your Voice in 2 Minutes! | EASY AI Voice Cloning Guide

Step-by-Step Guide to AI Voice Cloning

1. Sign Up at ElevenLabs

Head over to ElevenLabs and sign up. For $5/month, you can start cloning your voice, or if you’re just curious, try out other cool voices for FREE!

2. Navigate to 'VOICES'

Once you're in, go to the 'VOICES' section. Here, you'll find the option for "INSTANT VOICE CLONING."

3. Record Your Voice

Now, it’s time to record a quick 30-second sample of your voice (you can also upload a recording of your voice). This is crucial as the AI uses this sample to create your voice clone. Once done, click "ADD" voice.

4. Enter Your Text

Go to the "SPEECH" section, type in the text you want to hear in your cloned voice, and watch the magic unfold! ✨

What Can You Do with Your AI Voice?

Here are a few ideas for personal and professional use cases:

  • Voiceovers for Marketing Campaigns: Elevate your marketing content with professional voiceovers in your own voice.

  • Corporate Training Content: Make your training sessions more engaging by using your AI voice for the narration.

  • Multilingual Product Demonstrations: Present your products in multiple languages while maintaining your personal touch.

  • Audiobooks: Listen to your favorite books narrated by yourself.

  • HR Onboarding Material: Personalise onboarding experiences for new hires with your AI voice.

Don’t forget to share this post and teach others how to use these amazing AI tools!

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